2009 – Chess

31st March 2009 – 4th April 2009

Kings Theatre, Glasgow

Centred around the World Chess Championships in the 1980’s, “Chess” sees the Cold War rivalry between the USA and the Soviet Union played out in full musical splendour.  With an epic score written by Tim Rice, Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus (ABBA), “Chess” was a challenging yet ultimately marvellous success for PMOS. With the hits “One Night in Bangkok” and “I Know Him So Well”, the cold war tension is seamlessly mixed with the story of an international love triangle.

Chess: A Review – Having seen “Chess” at the King’s twice this week, I have to say that it was as good a production as some “professional” companies have produced.There was not one weak member of cast and the choreography was exceptional – for an amateur company.

Having followed PMOS productions for a number of years, I have to say that this was the best. Every member of the cast was totally professional with some outstanding performances from the lead males and female. Vincent Clarke (Anatoly Sergievsky) – who bore an uncanny resemblance to Vincent Van Gogh – was superb in his portrayal of the Russian Grandmaster. His rendition of “Anthem” had the whole audience spellbound. Jocelyn Nelson (Florence Vassy) carried off a virtually impeccable performance as the American Champion’s Second. Her total commitment to the part was evident throughout the performance and she never varied from playing her character for even one second. Her intense acting and tremendous range of voice resulted in a spell-binding performance that had the audience glued to their seats at the finale. Darren Jones (Frederick Trumper) gave an upbeat and very Cat Stevens-like performance as the American Grandmaster showing tremendous range in his voice.

The main point, for me, was the total commitment of the whole cast and the degree to which every member played their part. Based on this performance I cannot wait to see their next production and I can only hope that Ms. Nelson and Messrs. Clarke and Jones remain with the Company for the duration.” Review by Happyprof, glasgowwestend.co.uk,  April, 2009

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