We are delighted to announce our main principal cast for Top Hat.

The extremely high standard of auditions left us in a very fortunate position where we have decided to try a slightly different approach this year. We have double cast the parts of Dale & Jerry and they will do 3 performances each. They will also be part of the company for the other 3 performances.

Many congratulations to those who were cast and thank you to all who auditioned. This is going to be a very special show with something for everyone involved.

Dale – Aly Lamond/Claire Logue
Madge – Lindsey Ross
Chorine – Laura Shields-Wulff
Jerry – Antony Carter/Greg Robertson
Horace – Alastair McCall
Bates – Iain G Condie
Beddini – Ross Nicol

Please make sure you get your tickets booked.
King’s Theatre, Glasgow 20-24 Feb 2018.

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